Kentucky Colonels International Changes its Name

Kentucky International: A New Name for a New Era

Kentucky Colonels International, established in 1998, is being re-established, reformed, and revived as Kentucky International. The new name reflects the organization's expanded mission and focus on members serving as Kentucky's professional goodwill ambassadors to promote economic investment, tourism, trade and protect the state's natural landmarks. Join us now!

The new organization will have a unique cooperative investment and stakeholdership program, talking points, new background narrative, an updated social purpose, and new focus on members as the protagonists (consumers, cooperators, ambassadors and commissioners). The organization's narrative starts with the Transylvania Company, Col. Daniel Boone, Col. John Bowman and Col. Richard Henderson which are now being introduced to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals as the first Kentucky Colonels, in an effort to try to get the state's founding history correct.

Col. Daniel Boone entering Kentucky on the Wilderness Road
Painting depicting Col. Daniel Boone entering Kentucky in 1775.

Cooperative Society not a Corporation

Kentucky International is a cooperative social enterprise that is open to all people who are passionate about promoting Kentucky and its people. The organization's mission is to "Promote all that is Kentucky Good" through a variety of initiatives, including:

  • Supporting Kentucky businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Promoting Kentucky tourism and economic development
  • Advocating for Kentucky's culture and heritage
  • Serving as a voice for Kentucky values and traditions
  • Creating new international projects to protect Kentucky's environment

Unlike other nonprofits Kentucky International is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in formation which basically means the members will connect, meet, organize and perform their duties from a cloud based virtual workplace on the Internet using advanced informations communications technology platforms and tools from Google and Meta. 

It is also different because it is based on an unincorporated membership cooperative society model with its own bylaws where members share in the benefits generated through the performance and strength of each other as titled co-owners of the social enterprise under their rights, privileges and responsibilities to the Commonwealth of Kentucky as honorable tax-exempt civilian officers.

The association hopes to have local cooperators who are colonels in every Kentucky community and county, as well as goodwill ambassadors in every international city, country and metropolis around the world. While most of the work will be voluntary, Kentucky International cooperators may charge for their services using their titles, they can organize public events, participate in international trade shows as representatives of the state and charge commissions back to local businesses for bringing results.

Benefits of Membership

Kentucky International members are encouraged to use their titles and personal social media profiles to promote Kentucky in their communities and around the world through our cloud. The organization also provides members with special resources and support to help them achieve their independent goals. There are many benefits to joining Kentucky International, including:

  1. The opportunity to make a difference in Kentucky. Kentucky International members play a vital role in promoting Kentucky and its people around the world. The more investment and tourism means more money spent in Kentucky that remains here. 
  2. Access to a network of like-minded individuals. Kentucky International members come from all walks of life, but they are united by their love of Kentucky customs, traditions and values with a common-place desire to make Kentucky prosperous.
  3. Resources and support to help you achieve your goals. Kentucky International provides members with a variety of tools, resources and personalized email support to help them promote Kentucky, its people and its places to visit.
  4. Ability to offset your carbon footprint. Kentucky International members have trees, lots of them and based on the size of your donation, money is invested in them from which carbon sequestration rights are produced and climate change is mitigated. 

How to Join Kentucky International

To join Kentucky International, simply visit the organization's website and make a donation of $25 or more. Because participation is based on the seven cooperative principles, donations are accounted for with duplicity and cumulatively leading to lifetime equitable ownership. There are different levels of participation leading to cooperative participation.

  • Community - Non-member allies, observers and supporters in the social media
  • Friends - Emerging members that have donated $25-$75 for a mailing list subscription
  • Consumer - New members that donate $100 per year receive gifts and some premium services 
  • Cooperator - Members that become cooperative employee/owners donate $250 to $400
  • Ambassador - Members that can represent Kentucky International officially donate $500 to $750
  • Commissioner - Members that are authorized delegates and eligible for commissions, $1000+

Kentucky International is a new and exciting organization, and it is growing rapidly. If you are passionate about promoting Kentucky and its people, you are encouraged to join Kentucky International today. Exercise your "rights, privileges and responsibilities" as a Kentucky Colonel, Commonwealth Ambassador or Kentucky Admiral with Kentucky International. 

Learn more about our membership program and join Kentucky International.

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