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This blog is dedicated to those who have received a commission as a Kentucky Colonel. The content here is based on stories of 300-750 words (sometimes more) about experiences with Kentucky colonelcy and what it means to individuals to be recognized as a Kentucky Colonel. The blog was developed to complement and enhance our activities online compiling factual data, exploring history and documenting events. The resulting work that makes it to our blog may become part of our book about Kentucky colonelcy or our website.

Kentucky Colonel riding a Kentucky thoroughbred.
A Kentucky Colonel (Lithograph) by George Ford Morris

About our Blog and Content

Our Kentucky Colonel Authorship is made up of a group of self-defined, honorable, commissioned Kentucky colonels engaged in researching "colonelcy". Together we are writing a book entitled, Kentucky Colonels: Forefathers, Founders and Model Figures of Kentucky Culture, Customs, Folklore, History, Music, Society, Traditions, and Values. The book will serve as an authoritative well-referenced text that focuses on the origins of Kentucky Colonelcy.

Any Kentucky colonel or any organization dedicated to Kentucky colonels or exercising honorary colonelcy may submit content for editing, posting, sharing and development into professionally elaborated content. Or they may apply to the authorship prior to September 30, 2021 if they are interested in authoring a chapter about a particular Kentucky Colonel, a range of dates in history, an incident or topic such as duelling, gambling, horse racing, thoroughbreds, whiskey making or any other relative topic, based on the consensus approval of the other authors.

While some may believe that Kentucky Colonelcy has no duties, others view it is a very great honor and understand how they can use Kentucky colonelcy in Common Law, however are most often confused as to what advantages exist. Kentucky colonels are always responsible to the state and maintaining honor or order over the colony. Officially each Kentucky colonel is empowered and recognized as an "ambassador of goodwill" (See goodwill ambassador).

Submission Guidelines

All materials submitted must be sent by email and should be based on testimonial factual content with at least one photograph that is 1200px by 800px up to 2400px by 1600px, content must be elaborated in three or more paragraphs 300-1000 words. Content should be linked to referential content such as articles, books, magazines or other online content.

If sharing a Facebook post make sure the post is shared publicly by adjusting the settings for the content item from your profile so the information in the post(s) can be viewed. All materials submitted to us are subject to editing. Send your submissions to kycolonelcy@gmail.com

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All of our social media links are located at the bottom of the homepage of our website. Although still being initialized our workgroup can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and other popular social media platforms.

We use the hashtags #KyColonel and #KyColonelcy in Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Colonels also frequently tag #KyTourism, #Kentucky, #Bluegrass and other place names or terminology frequently associated with Kentucky colonels or the promotion of the Commonwealth and its values.

Legal Disclaimer

This News Blog and our WebSite are independent endeavors of Kentucky colonels, we are not in any way associated, affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels™ or the Kentucky Colonels Shop that use the KENTUCKY COLONELS® as a commercial brand name for products and services.

Kentucky colonels by nature work for the Commonwealth of Kentucky as honorary commissioned officers, Kentucky colonels have no official powers as agents of the state or as governmental officials, however they are empowered by the state with letters patent. Kentucky Colonel Commissions are warranted by the Commonwealth to promote the culture, customs, goodwill, history, traditions and values of the state. Serving the Commonwealth of Kentucky as an honorary ambassador of goodwill is both an honor and a privilege.

The American Colonels Network (Office of the Colonelcy) is an independent Creative Commons educational and literary pursuit that provides online content that may be copied, distributed and re-used without cost by the public under a Non-Commercial Share-Alike Attribution License 4.0.

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