Welcome to the Kentucky Colonelcy Blog

New Blog for Kentucky Colonels This blog is dedicated to those who have received a commission as a Kentucky Colonel . The content here is based on stories of 300-750 words (sometimes more) about experiences with Kentucky colonelcy and what it means to individuals to be recognized as a Kentucky Colonel. The blog was developed to complement and enhance our activities online compiling factual data, exploring history and documenting events. The resulting work that makes it to our blog may become part of our book about Kentucky colonelcy or our website. Our Kentucky Colonel Authorship is made up of a group of self-defined, honorable, commissioned Kentucky colonels engaged in researching "colonelcy". Together we are writing a book entitled,  Kentucky Colonels: Forefathers, Founders and Model Figures of Kentucky Culture, Customs, Folklore, History, Music, Society, Traditions, and Values. The book will serve as an authoritative well-referenced text that focuses on the origins of Kent